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Winner of Felmausa 2021 National Convention in Liberia Queen contest.

Mariama D. Keita, miss Felmausa 2021, December 19th

Words from winner of Felmausa 2021, December 19th Queen contest in Monrovia Liberia.

The Federation of Liberian Mandingo In the USA (FELMAUSA) Convention 2021/2022 Queen Contest. Held At The Ministerial Complex, Congo Town. Firstly, we have to give it all to the Almighty Allah; if it wasn't for his grace, I wouldn't have won the competition — I am wholeheartedly grateful. To the Mande Mansa; THE KEITAS, this was a dream come through. Your love and support was the driving force to this victory, and I am so proud of being a part of you guys. My heart is full of gratitude to the supreme people of the FELMUASA for organizing this monumental contests geared towards development, ethnicity and unity in the Mandingo community. To be honest, this contest was a great and pleasant experienced for me and those other Queens that represented their surname to the fullest. My message to them is this: We are all WINNERS, it doesn’t matter the outcome, because it was not all about the competition, but the unity and love among us in the Mandingo community. I thank each and everyone of you. Lastly, Congratulations To Me LET'S EMBRACE LOVE.

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